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Email marketing

Traffic and sales at the touch of a button, crazy right?

Don't worry, we'll do the work.

E-M<ail Marketing Kampagne

Email marketing?


What is email marketing?


What's in it for you?

The main goal of email marketing is to increase sales. 

In addition to increasing sales, there are so many other benefits that are absolutely relevant for your company: 

1. Increase sales
2. Branding
3. Customer loyalty
4. Feedback (optimization potential)

Apart from increasing sales, you can't say what is more important. 

You appear as a trusted and authoritative brand in your niche.

Customers perceive your company as the best and safest choice.

Customers give you direct feedback to position your company for even greater growth.

Hard to say what you want to leave out, right?

Email and SMS marketing is sending commercial emails or SMS that motivate your target group of existing customers and prospects to purchase your products or services. 

You are already familiar with the whole concept from newsletters or coaching brands. 

With email marketing, we inform your target group about your company and the associated benefits and transform this into conversions that result in increased sales.

Informed prospects are more likely to buy than confused ones.

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We do this for you:

Target audience analysis

Target audience segmentation

Without proper analysis it is difficult to say who we are targeting. 
We analyze everything about your target group, from needs to brand awareness. 

We approach the analysis with meticulously tested and developed methods and systems, because data doesn't lie and we want to show YOUR target group why YOU are number 1 on the market.

If email marketing is a burning issue, we need to show your customers what your company can do. 

We analyze everything about the target group and carry out data-driven target group segmentation. It's just the way it is, everyone promises quality and let's be honest... Quality is subjective, BUT PERSONALIZATION shows real appreciation.


A/B Testing

Using audience analysis and segmentation, we get the whole package: 

Optimization potential. 

Your customers are becoming more and more familiar with your brand, your sales are increasing, but of course we want to know how we can make your company EVEN BETTER, right?

Here we work with A/B testing:

We analyze the behavior of your customers and evaluate the KPIs so that we know what works BEST.

Newsletter and email campaigns

Do you want more sales and growth? We are here for you. 

Personalized email campaigns that aim to provide your customers with added value that will drive your sales. 

We get to the root cause and eliminate the symptoms and on top of that we make sure that your customers are better informed and your company gets the feedback it needs to grow.

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